It’s time to think about summer lawn maintenance as warmer weather and summer approaches.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner with a green space to maintain, having your yard looking beautiful during the warm months is aesthetically pleasing and crucial for protecting against pests and disease.

With plenty of summer lawn care tips for keeping a healthy lawn all summer, it pays to know which ones are best!

In this blog post, we’ll look at five key reasons why summer lawn care maintenance in 2023 should be top of mind for property owners along the Mississippi gulf coast.

From avoiding chemical-heavy treatments to preventing moss buildup underfoot, learn how proper lawn care can make all the difference when entertaining in your backyard this year!

Benefits of summer lawn maintenance

Summer can be tough on your lawn, especially with drought and high temperatures. However, proper maintenance lets you keep your lawns healthy throughout the season.

Watering your lawn early in the summer, before the hottest parts of the day, can help prevent it from drying out.

Moreover, proper weed control ensures your lawn is thriving and full of lush greenery.

Taking care of your lawn during the summer months has a lot of benefits, such as reducing the risk of disease and pests.

Plus, it’ll keep your yard in excellent condition, making your property stand out in your neighborhood.

mow your lawn regularly for proper summer lawn maintenance

Mowing regularly

Summer is here, and the need to keep up with summer lawn maintenance comes with warmer weather.

Mowing your lawn regularly is crucial to ensure the health and appearance of your grass.

By regularly mowing your lawn, you prevent grass clippings on the lawn from building up and causing a suffocation effect.

Additionally, keeping your grass at a consistent height by mowing high promotes deeper roots, making your lawn more resilient to drought and other weather-related stressors.

Not only does regular mowing benefit the health of your lawn, but it also gives your outdoor space a clean and manicured appearance.

Fertilizing appropriately

Regarding summer lawn maintenance, fertilizing your lawn appropriately is a crucial task.

Not only does it keep your yard looking green and lush all summer long, but it also promotes healthy growth and prevents unsightly patches of dead grass.

One of the most important things to consider when fertilizing your lawn is the type of grass you have. Different grass types have different nutrient requirements, so choosing a fertilizer that contains the right balance of nutrients for your particular grass type is essential.

With proper fertilization, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood all summer long.

water regularly for summer lawn maintenance

Watering correctly

Summer is a great time to kick back and relax, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for your lawn.

With the heat and drought that come along with this season, proper lawn care becomes even more critical. And when it comes to watering, a bit of strategy goes a long way.

Installing an irrigation system will provide the right amounts of water, increasing the lifespan of your plant life and saving money by conserving water.

The aim is to give your lawn about an inch of water per week, which can be split into a few sessions.

Watering deeply rather than frequently encourages deep root growth, which makes your grass more resilient during dry spells. On the other hand, watering too little can make your lawn brown and brittle.

So learn how much and how often you should water your lawn. Your efforts will be rewarded with a lush, healthy lawn fit for those summer barbecues.

Controlling pests

Summer is undeniably a refreshing break from the harsh winter months, but it is not all sunshine and warmth.

The hot and humid weather can invite and encourage insect infestation in your lawn.

Controlling pests is an integral part of summer lawn maintenance to keep your lawn in pristine condition and ensure your home remains beautiful and bug-free.

If left unchecked, pests such as grubs, ants, and sod webworms can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing widespread damage that can be challenging and expensive to fix.

Adopting proper pest control measures like regular trimming of shrubs and appropriate watering schedules will ensure a healthy, pest-free lawn that can withstand any pest invasion. 

control weeds as part of your summer lawn maintenance

Controlling weeds

Regarding summer lawn maintenance, controlling weeds is a top priority. But let me tell you. It definitely should be.

Weeds can make your lawn look unkempt and less valuable overall.

Weeds also suck up valuable nutrients your grass needs to thrive, leading to brown patches and unhealthy grass.

Plus, weeds can spread quickly and take over large areas of your lawn if left unchecked.

By taking the time to control weeds in your lawn, you’ll have a more aesthetically pleasing yard and help ensure that your grass stays healthy and vibrant all season long.

In conclusion

Summer lawn maintenance can be a daunting task. Still, the benefits of taking care of your lawn during this season will provide long-lasting results.

With regular mowing, appropriate watering, nutritious fertilizer applications, disciplined weed control, and effective pest monitoring, you can quickly turn your dull, bare lawn into a lush, healthy green space.

A healthy yard has many incredible benefits; improved aesthetics, providing extra space to gather with friends and family, and lowering stress levels with the beauty of nature that it provides. The time and effort put in will deliver rewards that last.

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Their knowledgeable professionals have plenty of experience dealing with the various tasks that come with summer lawn care, so they’ll be able to help get your project started off on the right foot.