The Bayside Process

Getting Started

Discover our unique process and how to kickoff your project.

The most important part of landscaping is the process

Elegance and order can only exist without chaos. Without process, there is only chaos. That is why we believe in a detailed and developed process for landscaping and maintenance. By sticking to this process, we are one of the fastest growing landscapers in Mississippi.

Initial Consultation

As with any project, we need to get to know you and your space. Our expert team knows what questions to ask and how to connect with your vision. We also take measurements, photos, specs, and details for any critical parts of the design.

We also get to know you! You are a crucial part of the landscape project. Without your dreams and goals, we would not be there. So, we make a major effort to learn how you want to work and what will make this enjoyable, from quote to cocktails.

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Start By Selecting A Landscape or Hardscape Service

Hardscape Installation & Design

Hardscaping enhances outdoor areas by adding structure and appeal with features like walkways and outdoor kitchens, serving as the foundation of inviting spaces.

Landscaping Installation & Design

Landscape installation and design services enhance outdoor areas by integrating lush greenery and hardscaping, creating beautiful gardens and functional outdoor spaces.

Patio Installation & Design

Patio Installation & Design services create custom, cozy, and stylish outdoor areas tailored to the homeowner’s taste, turning every patio into a unique relaxation and entertainment spot.

Garden Installation & Design

Garden Installation & Design Services create serene, vibrant outdoor oases by customizing designs to fit each unique space, turning gardens into tranquil retreats and beautiful home extensions.

Budget Review

With an initial concept in mind, we need to talk numbers. Landscaping is very unique when it comes to project costs. Our objective is to not waste your time or money, while still meeting or exceeding expectations.

We like to not hear that projects can range from a few thousand dollars to 6 and 7 figures. We will help you structure your project to stay true to your plans and your budget. If not, we can help you craft an alternative that is achievable.

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Design & Proposal

With concept and budget, it is time to design. Our skilled design team takes all the info we have collected, as well as our notes about your design ideas and personality, and builds out a 2D blueprint.

Once the bones of the project are approved, we build a 3D model of the end result. This model, along with the final estimate, provides enough detail for full project approval.

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Now it is time to break ground. We order the material, explain the timeline, and get to work. When everything has arrived, our crew will begin the project.

While on site, our foreman will do his best to keep you informed of the progress and any snags that occasionally come up. Our goal is to craft your amazing project and leave you feeling fantastic. once we are done, we clean up everything.

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Fill Out the Form and Get Started

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