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Wood or Composite Decks

Framing you outdoor living space with gorgeous trim.

Extend your useable living space, no matter the elevation.

Traditionally, decks are one of the most flexible options when considering outdoor living space expansion. However, with recent technological developments, there are new and varied options to consider when reviewing adding a deck.

You have an idea for how your deck will look and feel. Our expert design team at Bayside will help you to pinpoint the little details of your deck, while achieving your original ideas. Our team will suggest the best looks, styles, materials, and layouts for your new deck, ensuring that you get the most out of your amazing new structure.

As previously stated, deck technology is improving rapidly. Historically, deck maintenance could be troublesome and repair costly. Now with better sealants or even simulated wood building materials, such as Trex, you deck requires very little maintenance. This way, you get to stop caring for your deck and start enjoying it for years to come.

Wood or Composite Decks Gallery

The Art of Decking

Decks are remarkably flexible to design with. When you are considering building a deck, the Bayside team approaches your space like a canvas. We use the deck to expand the space while also complimenting its natural shapes and colors.

With my new deck, I have finally achieved my dream home. The Bayside team was able to actually build my dreams. I cannot thank them enough. – Angi

Choosing the right materials

Your deck should be beautiful and sustainable

Bayside has a track record of success. Your deck is no exception. Schedule a consultation with the team that builds the best and that lasts a lifetime.

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