America is a land of rolling landscapes. More than 870,000 Americans work as landscaping workers. This number may sound a little excessive, but it seems small once you start to think about landscaping.

As time goes on, landscapes are becoming more elaborate and detailed. More and more homeowners are installing water features in their backyards. Features can add nice sounds, textures, and colors to your yard that you can’t get from other installations.

But you shouldn’t install a feature just yet. You need to examine some water feature ideas to find the best feature for you.

What are your different choices? What should you select if you want something basic or something bold?

Answer these questions and you can design your perfect backyard. Here are five water feature ideas that you should consider today.

1. Water Bowls

If you want a basic feature in your landscaping design, you should select a water bowl. A bowl provides a good reflective surface so you can see the sunset and your plants.

The best landscaping ideas of 2022 focus on turning a backyard into a livable space. A water bowl is one of the more usable water feature ideas, as you can turn it into a birdbath.

You can make your own water bowl by filling a container with water. Using a stone bowl adds an earthy aesthetic to your yard, but you can also use a metal or steel dish.

Keep in mind that the water in your bowl will remain still. Still water attracts insects like mosquitoes, which lay their eggs in the water.

If you want to deter mosquitoes from your yard, you can place aquatic plants in and around your bowl. Hyacinth flowers can add bursts of color and texture to your water bowl.

2. Fountains

Fountains are good choices if you want to add a little sound and movement to your backyard or garden. You can add a fountain to a pre-existing water pool or bowl, or you can add an all-new feature with a fountain.

Look at a few different fountains before you install one. The most basic fountain you can install is a container fountain, which uses a container like a jar or pot. You can turn a masonry jar or another object you have into a container fountain.

Some fountains are quieter than others, and very loud fountains can be louder than birdsong and other natural noises. You may need a battery in order to operate a pump and create a prominent flow of water.

Do not put your fountain underneath a tree or a tall shrub. Pollen or leaves can fall into your fountain and clog your pump. If your fountain is free-standing, it should sit on level ground so it doesn’t splash water to one side.

If you are putting a fountain in a garden pond, the pond needs to be big. It should be at least twice as wide as the length of your water jet so the jet doesn’t splash water on other parts of your yard.

3. Water Feature Sculptures

A water feature sculpture is a less common water feature in backyards. You can add one to your yard if you want to distinguish your design from others in your neighborhood.

A water wall is a large sculpture with a significant amount of water. You can get a stainless steel water wall, which forms a literal wall of water that can attract your viewer’s eye from a distance.

If you prefer something more subtle, you can get a lattice wall. Water flows through a latticework, and your viewer might not notice the water until they get close to the sculpture.

You can also choose a water table. Water will pass over a stone table, creating a glassy aesthetic and a light trickling sound. Water tables are good choices for dining areas and contemporary gardens.

4. Waterfalls

A waterfall produces running water through pumps and gravity. The flowing water can be very loud and eye-catching, so you may want to place a waterfall toward the center of your yard. You will need to install a pool at the end of your waterfall, and you can place a water bowl or fountain there if you would like.

Many people install waterfalls with rocks and natural stones to make their waterfalls seem real. But you can choose steel and industrial materials for a more modern style.

Installing a waterfall in your yard is an extensive landscaping project. A landscaping company needs to dig a long and deep hole in the ground to allow the water to flow. Your soil should be easy to move, and the company you hire should have experience in using concrete and waterfall liners.

5. Streams

If you want running water without the hassle that digging a waterfall would create, you can ask for a stream instead. Water can flow from one end of your stream to the other end, or you can allow the water to stay still and move with the wind. You can add a curve to your stream to make it seem more natural.

If you want a small stream, you can choose a water rill. A rill is a shallow channel of flowing water, which adds subtle sound and movement to your yard. You can construct your rill with natural rocks, which can make the feature seem restful and natural.

The Best Water Features for Modern Backyards

You can add a bunch of water features to your backyard. When people think of features, they often think of water bowls and fountains. They are basic features you can place on top of your soil without extensive landscaping work.

Water feature sculptures are bolder than fountains, yet they do not take up too much space. If you really want to call attention to your features, you should install a waterfall or a stream.

You will need an experienced landscaping company for any major feature. Bayside Landscaping and Hardscaping builds beautiful outdoor spaces. Contact us today.